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Eraser Laser Technology for Varicose Veins Treatment

Capillary vein problem is one of the vein issues encountered by many people, regardless of gender. While it is more common in women’s legs, it is frequently seen on the faces of men who consume a lot of alcohol.

Capillary vein problem creates cosmetic discomfort rather than pain, tingling, or similar complaints. Individuals who prefer wearing shorts, mini skirts, or similar clothing styles feel quite uncomfortable about this.

Goodbye to Capillaries with Eraser Laser

The innovations brought by technology to the healthcare field have enabled an increase in varicose vein treatment methods. Thus, it provides advantages to both the patient and the treating physician much more easily. Individuals can continue their daily lives without experiencing any loss of work or power when they are treated with these methods.

Among these treatment methods, a recently emerged and highly developed technique for the treatment of spider veins is eraser laser. Although not widely used, the use of eraser laser, also known as exothermic laser, alongside successful laser and radiofrequency methods for the elimination of spider veins, has started to be used.

Treatment of Spider Veins with Exothermic Laser

Treatment with this device, which is both very expensive and highly successful, can completely eliminate all spider veins up to 1mm in size in less than half a second.

The main difference from other methods is that with the eraser laser, there is almost no pain or discomfort felt. In addition to pain or discomfort, since the device also has a cooling feature, no negatives such as burns, redness, or spots are observed.

Furthermore, during the treatment with the device, you can observe the application firsthand by watching the monitor in front of you, seeing how and how quickly the veins disappear.

Since veins larger than 1mm cannot be eliminated with heat, it is not effective. For the treatment of veins of this size, we prefer non-surgical and suitable methods.

I offer treatment with our eraser laser device to patients with spider vein problems. You can call us at our phone numbers to make an appointment and come for an examination. We can treat your spider veins smaller than 1mm with the exothermic, or eraser laser, and treat your other veins larger than 1mm with more suitable methods such as sclerotherapy and foam treatments.