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Why Does Varicose Vein Disease Occur?

Varicose vein disease is based on various factors, with the most significant cause undoubtedly being genetic and occupational factors. Although commonly known as a disease affecting women, it is also prevalent in men, albeit to a lesser extent. Below are the reasons for varicose vein disease, and by taking preventive measures, you can reduce the risk of the disease by 50%.

Genetic Factors

Having varicose vein disease in first-degree family members (parents) affects their children in the same way. For example, some young men may experience premature graying of half of their hair at the age of 17-18, which is a genetic condition and unavoidable.

Pregnant Women Are at Risk

The reason varicose vein disease is more common in women is particularly due to hormonal changes and the nature of pregnancy. However, treatment should be delayed until after childbirth.

Occupational Precautions

Imagine a lathe operator, whose job requires standing for at least 8-10 hours every day. Standing in a small area for long periods, as in this and similar occupations, exerts significant pressure on the veins. This pressure can lead to damage to the vein walls and valves, resulting in varicose vein disease. Simple precautions can help prevent the disease.

How Can I Take Preventive Measures?

Although genetics have a significant influence, in occupational cases, it is essential to move around every 30 minutes, even for short periods, and engage in walking. Walking 100 meters if necessary can be sufficient. During your free time, don’t forget to elevate your legs about 15cm above the ground by lying down.