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How to Get Rid of Spider Veins?

Spider veins, especially bothersome for women, are a problem that initially appears on the face and on the back of the legs and calves, unnoticed at first glance, and progresses and spreads if left untreated, causing discomfort in addition to an unsightly appearance in the legs. In advanced stages, it can lead to low blood pressure and serious problems such as leg bleeding due to venous insufficiency. Therefore, spider veins must be treated without delay.

Causes of Spider Veins

The exact cause is not clear, but genetic predisposition is an important factor. Jobs that require standing for long periods (such as teaching, barbering, surgery) increase the frequency of occurrence. In addition, the use of birth control pills, multiple pregnancies, and alcohol consumption are also reasons.

Spider veins on the face have different causes. Behavioral factors such as prolonged exposure to the sun and working in front of heat sources like bakers are among the reasons, in addition to these, they also appear in alcoholics and patients with cirrhosis in advanced stages.

How to Treat Spider Veins

Laser treatment involves directing light with high heat energy onto the vein. It has been shown to require very long sessions, leaving marks, and having a low success rate. Patients are called in for a follow-up appointment one month after the application, and if there is no improvement, the treatment is repeated, which can last for 5-15 sessions (although some clinics may claim 1-5 sessions). Except for patients insistent on laser treatment, radiofrequency treatment, which achieves much higher success rates, is preferred.

Radiofrequency uses high-frequency radio waves. It is performed using an instrument that delivers radio energy through very thin needles, a quarter the thickness of hair. All visible veins can be eliminated. The thin needle is inserted into the vein, and radio waves are delivered to destroy the vein. The most significant feature of the method is that the result is seen immediately during the procedure, which is its biggest advantage over laser treatment. The application is usually completed in a single session, and additional sessions are rarely required. Despite concerns about radiation due to its name, it does not contain any harmful radiation, and no harm has been detected.

Drug therapy: This method, called sclerotherapy, is applied in the form of foam or liquid. It can be used for medium-sized veins because the syringe needle needs to be thick enough to enter. Since the diameters of spider veins vary greatly in the same patient, no patient can be treated with a single method, requiring different methods. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the technological infrastructure of the clinic where you will receive service.

Preventing Spider Vein Formation

There is no specific drug or method that clearly prevents it, but one should avoid standing for long periods. There are scientific studies suggesting that low-dose aspirin use reduces the formation of new ones.